Graduate Institute of Performing Arts


The core values of the Graduate Institute of Performing Arts (GIPA):

G = Generative

I = Ideal

P = Passionate

A = Active

Founded in 2005, the Graduate Institute of Performing Arts cultivates professionals in on-stage and backstage as well as management and marketing aspects of Taiwan’s performing arts. GIPA’s goal is to catapult Taiwan’s performing arts onto the world stage through contributions to the education, research and industrial development of performing arts.

The primary missions of GIPA are:

  1. Cultivation of Professionals in Performing Arts

Integrating the characteristics of Eastern and Western arts and combine theory and practice, GIPA’s programs train professionals and talents in every aspect, on-stage and backstage, of performing arts and music theater.

  1. Cultivation of Professional Arts Administrators

GIPA’s programs prepare professionals in the industrialization and management of components in the performing arts industry chain, including planning, marketing, finance, law and technology.

  1. Establishment of Cross-sector Platform for Cultural and Creative Industries

Consistent with the government’s policy of promoting cultural and creative industries, GIPA assists in the integration of personnel and resources in Taiwan’s arts and culture industry, academic institutions, government departments and research institutes, with the aim of establishing a cross-sector collaboration platform.


With the core competence in the field of music theater, GIPA offers three areas of concentration (majors):

  1. Theater Performance:Designed to help students obtain performing arts–related skills through practical trainings including theater design and production with regard to all aspects of the performance theater.
  2. Collaborative Piano:Designed to prepare students to collaborate with the production and rehearsals of theater performances as pianists.
  3. Arts Marketing and Industries:Offers theoretical and practical training courses for planning, marketing and media strategy related to performing arts/music theater. Also deals with policy, law and management issues surrounding the development of cultural and creative industries.

Program in Cultural and Creative Industries

The Program in Cultural and Creative Industries provides training in interdisciplinary integration and application skills that are necessary in the industries for students seeking to develop new skills in the field of art.


Undergraduate Program in Performing Arts

Founded in 2009, the Undergraduate Program in Performing Arts is a double major program for students of other departments in NTNU. Combining theory and practice, the program aims at helping students acquire qualifications for performing arts teachers. Courses include acting, vocal training, theater designing, arts management and more.


In General Building, 9F:

  1. Performing Arts Center:For large-class lectures and recitals. Equipped with Steinway grand piano and a digital lectern.
  2. Digital Classrooms:For small-class lectures and conferences. Equipped with projectors and video playback equipment.
  3. Student Research Rooms:For extracurricular practices, discussions and other activities. Equipped with computers, digital pianos and lockers.
  4. Institute Office:For administration and provision of equipment for teaching and other activities.

In General Building, 10F:

  1. Faculty Offices:For full-time faculty members. Equipped with computers, printers, etc.
  2. Chih-yin Theater:Professional performance venue with lighting and sound equipment, modular seating and stage, blue screen, Yamaha grand piano, Steinway grand piano and ballet barres.

In the College of Music:

  1. Classroom 101:Faculty offices, equipped with grand pianos for practice or individual teaching.
  2. Music Graduate Institute Room VI:For small-class lectures, technical instructions and rehearsals, with mirror wall, wooden floor, Kawai grand piano, electric piano, projector and video playback.

Alternative Classrooms:

GIPA shares facilities including the Steinway piano classrooms, the e-classrooms, the music library and the recording studio with the Department of Fine Arts, the Department of Music and the Information Technology Center.

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