Department of Music


In response to the global trend and the overall transformation plan of National Taiwan Normal University toward excellence of arts and cultural services and an integration of tradition and innovation, the Department of Music (founded in June 1946), Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology (August 2002), Graduate Institute of Performing Arts (August 2005) and the Music Digital Archive Center (September 2004) were reconstructed into the College of Music in August 2007, with new programs including the Digital Video and Audio Program, the Undergraduate Program of Performing Arts, and the Program in Cultural and Creative Industries.

The Department of Music offers bachelor, master and doctoral degrees and is dedicated to the cultivation of skilled performers, creators, researchers and educators. The Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology covers three areas of concentrations (Research and Preservation, Performance and Heritage, and Multimedia Applications) and stresses on music research, dissemination of traditional music and the digital archiving and applications of music. The Graduate Institute of Performing Arts trains professional personnel in theater performance and arts administration and management with the focus on music.

The College offers 4-year undergraduate programs and 2-year graduate programs. Upon graduation, students receive B.A., M.A. or Ph.D. degrees.


The College of Music Library has a rich collection of audio-visual data, books and journals, including more than 10,000 valuable volumes donated from foreign professors and music scholars. These resources help satisfy the students’ thirst for knowledge and provide material for teachers.

Teaching and performing spaces provided by the College include classrooms, piano rooms and the recital hall in the Department of Music, classrooms, piano rooms, the Chih-yin Theater in the General Building, and classrooms in the College area. A part of courses also take place at the NTNU Auditorium. The College of Music is in possession of a complete set of instruments for performing and teaching uses, including a number of Steinway pianos, digital pianos, grand pianos, electric pianos, etc.

Our own college journal, the Journal of Music Research, has published 15 issues up to now and is a platform for intercollegiate and international academic exchanges. We have also built the Digital Audio-visual Classroom and the Music Digital Archive Center as a part of our development of a multidimensional, multi-faceted competence in the field of music.

Academic Activities

Over the years, the College of Music has been:

  1. Organizing international conferences in order to promote academic exchanges;
  2. Inviting world-renowned experts to conduct seminars and lectures.
  3. Publishing theJournal of Music Research, our own academic journal.
  4. Hosting the annual NTNU Music Festival.

    College of Music

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