1. Vision

The Digital Technology Research Center of Asian Popular Music at the National Taiwan Normal University is positioned as a college-level center. The vision of the research center is to operate behind the mindset of the cultural and creative industries as its guideline principle, searching for most competitive cultural sectors in Taiwan in order to lay a solid foundation for Taiwanese pop music culture and provide assistance to average people joining the industry.  The core mission is to support, pass down and expand Taiwanese pop music in other Asian markets; more importantly, the innovative music production and music performance would be our “soft power” to advance. With the combination of outstanding training in classical music from NTNU Department of Music and pop music market analysis education, we can conduct academic research, cultivate talent, collaborate between academia and industry, exercise performance promotion, conduct marketing, engage in cultural creativity, promote international cooperation and energize the Taiwanese pop music market by adding a talent pool system and academic mechanism.  In order to popularize Chinese music and laying a solid foundation for Taiwanese pop music, the popularization of Taiwanese pop music and economic power of music culture will be very important factors. In addition, we must integrate interdisciplinary tasks and assist other departments with related matters. Moreover, integrating interdisciplinary tasks of NTNU and international trends in academic is in line with the future development goal of our Department of Music.                     

  1. Mission

  (A) Core Missions

    I. Support and pass down Taiwanese pop music

    II. Establish a talent pool of pop musicians and academic mechanism

    III. Conduct Chinese music globalization layout framework

    IV. Conduct scientific research and collaboration between academia and industry

    V. Integrate cross-department and graduate programs and provide assistance with the related tasks

(B) Other Missions

    I. Academic research and market analysis on pop music 

    II. Creation research and talent cultivation on pop music

    III. Prepare and held global creative and cultural industry exhibitions  

    IV. Promote cooperation between media and related industries   

    V. Conduct soundtrack research and practice in broadcast, television and film industries

    VI. Handle Ministry of Culture or other government-related organization projects

    VII. Plan various cultural and creative music marketing activities

    VIII. Provide pop music-related cloud service and preserve pop music-related digital collection

    IX. Apply big data technology to analyze pop music sectors

  1. Center Attribute and Major Duties

  (A) Center Attribute

  Center Attribute Research Service   Promotion

   50%          25%             25%

  (B) Center Specific tasks

    I. Research Tasks

  • Promote Pop Music Interdisciplinary Development Projects.  The seminars will be held regularly in order to gather local and international music-related professors or music-related professionals in the industry to hold lectures.   
  • Call for academic papers.  Submitted papers will be published for the international conference after a thorough review.  
  • Promote academic exchange, establish cooperation framework, seek further global academic cooperation, regularly participate in annual international conferences and share research results    
  • Apply big data technology to analyze the Taiwanese pop music industry, future trends and provide analysis of certain successful case studies

    II. Services

  • Conduct pop music performance tasks for cultural and creative industries. Collaborate with local pop music musicians and groups in Taiwan to arrange concert tours 
  • Conduct tasks in accordance with Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development of the Ministry of Culture; cultivate talents for pop music industry, plan pop music industry exchange policy and handle Ministry of Culture or other government organization related projects      
  • Continue the two-term course of Pop Music and Media Communication; handle summer and winter music workshops and hire professional instructors to teach students who are interested in learning pop music knowledge through general education activity courses.   

    III. Promotional Tasks

  • Promote collaboration between media other related industries; integrate live audio-visual space in order to establish an instant live recording platform and promote student music bands 
  • Plan various creative music cultural activities, such as the World University Concert.  Through the student band competitions nationwide, selected local student bands will perform on global stages with other international student bands. 
  1. Development and Planning

  (A)Short-term Planning (Next Three Years)

    I. Promote Pop Music Interdisciplinary Development Projects 

PMIDP seminars will be held regularly.  The purpose of holding the seminars is to invite local and international music-related professors or music-related professionals in the industry to hold lectures and discuss prospective and developmental possibilities of international popular music in order to expand our reach and international visibility. 

    II. Continue to devote time and effort in Taiwanese pop music industry and collaborate with professionals in the industry

     Through the enrollment of NTNU Application for the Contemporary Music Industry In-Service Master’s Program, we partner up with the industry professionals to teach at our school, establish a cross-domain cooperation exchange platform between local governments and schools for Taiwanese pop music industry; moreover, integrate academia and industry collaboration resources in order to meet the needs for the industry in a timely manner.  Through resource integration and close cooperation with the industry in response to government policy development and implementation, our synergistic effect, academia and industry collaboration performance as well as research status will all be greatly enhanced.

    III. Hold World University Concerts

     Through seminars and concerts, we would bring the achievements of Taiwanese pop music internationally.  We would also establish a system which serves as a communication channel to cultural arts worldwide.  The system will be constantly updated with latest news.

    IV. Apply big data technology to analyze pop music industry

     Apply big data technology to analyze the Taiwanese pop music industry and future trends; and provide analysis of certain successful case studies

  (B) Medium-Term Planning (Next Five Years)

    I. Expand the scale of PMIDP projects. 

Organize global conference tours. Collaborate with Department of Music at various universities in China, Japan, USA, Indonesia, Thailand and other nations; and hold PMIDP seminars worldwide.  We will learn how other countries plan their pop music development and bring the findings back to Taiwan as a foundation for our own development.              

  1. Implement live audio-visual platform and promote campus folk songs

Promote collaboration between media and other related industries, integrate live audio-visual space in order to establish an instant live recording platform. Produce music-related shows for college and university student bands.  Find the development trend between pop music and independent music.  Record and promote the voice of youth to all the people in Taiwan, such as campus folk songs played in the 1960s in ROC.  We anticipate to bring back nostalgia and reinvigorate the current pop music industry situation.            

III. Establish professional workshop platform

Accept industry-university cooperative research projects and cases entrusted by competent authorities. Based on the expertise of NTNU professors, we will be able to focus on operation management, strategy analysis, talent cultivation and development, information systems management, platform establishment, marketing and other fields.  Combined with the contribution of scholars and professors from NTNU College of Humanities, Education, Arts and other related colleges and departments, we can provide the research fuels needed for the sustainable education and business innovation for both academia and industry.

  (C) Long-term Planning (Next Decade)

    I. Conduct PMIDP projects in order to become global pop music indicator status   

    II. Publish world-renowned academic journals, which will be included in SSCI.  

    III. Gain credibility and recognition in global practical pop music digital technology research and academia-industry development

    IV. Implement pop music big data technology network

    V. Become an important think tank for global industry development, education and training related policies


Address: No. 31, Shida Rd., Daan District, Taipei City 10645