Guidelines for Submission of Proposals for Special Issues

College of Music, National Taiwan Normal University
Guidelines for Submission of Proposals for Special Issues
Journal of Music Research

Passed by the Editorial Board Meeting for Issue 27 on November 29, 2017


Journal of Music Research is soliciting the submission of proposals for special issues related to music research. For submitting a proposal, please download Application Form for Submission of Proposals for Special Issues, complete it and send it to the Editorial Board of the Journal.


Information to be provided and conditions to be met for submissions:


Applicant(s): Applicant is limited to one person or at most two persons, and at least one of them should be of the rank of professor or associate professor.


Topic: Topic should be related to music research and should contribute to the advancement of scholarship and should facilitate public discussion.


Concept(s): The applicant(s) should explain the nature and direction of the special issue and illustrate the possible significance and potential value of the topic.


Papers: The applicant(s) should provide a list of 3 to 5 manuscripts to be included in the special issue. Each of the manuscripts should demonstrate the core concepts of the special issue and should relate to other manuscripts in the issue thematically. Each manuscript should offer the following information:




Author of the Manuscript and his/her department/institution


An abstract of 500 words


Other reference: To facilitate the review process for Special Issue Proposals, the applicant(s) can provide any other information directly related to the special issue, which proves the feasibility of the proposal or the research capability of the applicant(s).


The proposal should not exceed 6 pages.


Review and Execution


The Proposal for Special Issue will be reviewed by the Editorial Board upon receipt. After the proposal is accepted for execution, the staff will follow up with editorial work. The applicant(s) will be listed on the special issue as “Guest Editor of Special Issue.”


Deadline for the complete manuscript: When the Proposal for Special Issue is approved, authors should complete their manuscripts within 6 to 9 months. The applicant(s) should collect all the manuscripts and submit them together to the Editorial Board.


Manuscript Submission and Review


All the manuscripts should be submitted at the same time and should observe the Regulations for Submission and the Style Guide of the Journal of Music Research.


All manuscripts will be reviewed respectively following the Regulations Governing the Academic Review for the Journal of Music Research.


Review Result and Publication


The special issue can officially publish only when at least (including) three manuscripts are accepted after the review process. The time for the publication shall be decided by the Editorial Board.


When there are less than three papers for the publication of a special issue, those passed the review have the option of submitting the paper individually in the Journal of Music Research with the consent of Applicant(s) and the author. The time of the publication shall be decided by the Editorial Board.