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ISSN: 2079-8857

DOI: 10.6244/JOMR

About Journal of Music Research

   Journal of Music Research is an academic journal published by the College of Music, National Taiwan Normal University, and is one of the few scholarly journals devoted to music research in the country. The Journal welcomes submissions of original academic papers on music research and Chinese translations of classic music treatises.

    The Journal was launched in 1992 by Professor Tsang-Houei Hsu, who was then Director of the Graduate Program of Music, and was the first of its kind in Taiwan. Since its issuance, the journal has greatly advanced in paper quality, review procedure and the standardization of its academic style in conjunction with the prosperous development for music studies, and has now become the leading scholarly journal of music research in the Chinese speaking areas.

Objective: The Journal provides an open and professional forum for music scholars home and abroad to share their studies, promote the quality and quantity in publication, and facilitate international academic exchanges.  

Editorial Board: The Journal is published by the College of Music, National Taiwan Normal University. The Dean of the College serves as an ex officio member and the chair of the Editorial Board and appoints four professors from within the College and 4 external members to serve on the Editorial Board. The term for each board member is three years, who are to evaluate the reviews from professional, impartial and multi-dimensional perspectives. 

Publication: When it was first started in 1992, the journal was published annually because music research was not fully fledged. Over the span of two decades and with the research in music studies taking flight, the journal started to be published bi-annually (in May and November) in 2012 to provide a forum for music researchers. 

Databanks: Starting from 2008, full articles published in the Journal can be accessed in Airiti Library, HyRead, WordPedia Online: TAO, Angle Online Knowledge Databank, and TACI. In 2013, the Journal is indexed in RILM (Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale), the world’s largest data for music publications and EBSCO.   Since 2019, the Jounal is indexed in SCOPUS.